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Lightner Museum Wedding

If you are reading this blog, chances are pretty high that you are engaged (woohoo! yay!) and you are looking for the perfect venue for your wedding day. The venue truly sets the tone for your entire wedding, so this is a big decision! I absolutely love The Lighter Museum wedding venue because of its good services and a luxurious, historic atmosphere.

History of The Lightner Museum

Previously known as the Alcazar Hotel, Henry M. Flagler built this historic venue it in 1888. It was a great masterpiece of that time. The hotel was a great sight at that time because of its architectural design.

During the depression, the hotel suffered to continue working and finally closed down. In 1948 Otto Lightner, editor and publisher of Hobbies Magazine in Chicago at that time purchased this building. Lightner used this place to keep his collection of artworks, it was not for the public then. Lightner left this building to a board of directors who recognized the worth of his collection and opened it for the public.

It is enchanting to be at this place because there are artworks of centuries ago. The Lightner Museum is registered under the National Register of Historic Places. Museum offers a tour called upstairs/downstairs tour that can be offered on special request and a maximum of 10 people are allowed. This tour allows you to see the museum behind the camera (what actually goes inside what others can not see).

I will suggest you visit the museum and see what it really looks like. It is important because then you will be able to see if this is your perfect wedding venue or not.     

Weddings at the Lightner Museum

The Lightener Museum is situated at St. Augustine in Florida. Initially, it was only a hotel that would host grand events. It has been 130 years and you will still find this venue celebrating every type of party. Among all events, it is popularly known best for the wedding venue.

What do they offer?

  • It offers a dance floor where you can have your first dance.
  • It has a historic pool where there are 24 lights they can be white or color-changing according to your wishes.
  • The pool will have a decoration of Edison lighting surrounding it.
  • For the wedding event, there will be Pipe and Drape arrangement.  
  • Up to 25 60” round tables that can adjust a maximum of 10 guests on each. There are other tables as well of different sizes that can adjust a different number of guests.

Photo spots for your Lightner Museum Wedding Day

  • To help you with the event arrangements there will be an event manager. You can ask your event manager to coordinate with the venue event manager to make your party a success.
  • You will also get their staff. They will be available to greet the guests and help them with any issues.

A Lightner Museum Wedding will be a beautiful show-stopper. I have been here and seen so many memories created. The pictures come out really great with all that lightning and the pool area is really fun to be around. The grand lobby is a perfect place to have a cocktail party. The place is spacious and very lovely.

What I love most about this place is how beautiful and graceful it is. I know grace does not go with a place but this is what comes to my mind when I think about it. The place is available on Sundays. This is the most versatile venue that you will come across.

Since a Lightner Museum wedding is very popular you might need to book it way before. Book according to your budget, every corner of this place is beautiful so if you are not able to book some parts of it do not get disheartened by it.

Planning a wedding in Saint Augustine?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer you absolutely love and click with is such an important step to make sure that you can capture all the amazing moments you will have at your wedding. These photographs will act as a ticket for traveling back in time and having a look at all the beautiful memories you created with your loved ones.

I have been working as a professional photographer for over 8 years. Throughout that time I realized that the intimate moments in between the poses were the ones most cherished. My wedding work has been seen in places like The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Carolinas Magazine, Embrace Beauty Magazine, and many other leading industry publications. I’m sincerely grateful for every single one of them, and for the others yet to come. But none of that matters without the experience, the fun, and the results that everyone feels when they look back through their photographs. If you think we’d make an amazing fit contact me today and let’s chat about your wedding!

Want to check out other amazing venues in Saint Augustine and Jacksonville? Check out this amazing venue guide!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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