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Showcasing What I Consider To Be The

When You get engaged, the first thing on the list is to pick your dream wedding venue.  Here, let me help you narrow down that search.

There are two very distinct styles of weddings. Those that are in the city and those that are not. Sounds simple enough, right? I bet your wondering why that matters though! It important to figure out just that simple question before even thinking about specific venues. Knowing this is half the battle in figuring out your perfect Asheville Wedding Venue!

Weddings that happen in the city are usually capable of holding a lot more guests, think of venues like ballrooms and halls. The logistics can be a bit tricky to figure out but if your vision for your wedding involves downtown Asheville, plan ahead to make it go as smoothly as possible. 

Wedding venues outside of Asheville tend to be more relaxed, intimate and easy going wedding days. These venues typically can accommodate around 100 to 150 loved ones. This is ideal if you were dreaming of saying "I do" in the great outdoors with beautiful views.

Which style of wedding do I recommend? I'd be lying if I didn't say that weddings away from the city didn't hold my heart. I feel like weddings that are located outside of Asheville (downtown specifically) tend to be more relaxed, easy-going days where everyone always has a blast! With that said, this is a very personal decision and it is all about what you two want. It's your wedding day and it needs to fit your specific dream.

Hendersonville - North Carolina
45 minutes from Asheville

Sugar Hollow Retreat 

The Biltmore

Asheville - North Carolina
City Limits of Asheville

Jeter Mountain Farm

Butler - Tennessee
2 hours from Asheville

Venues Away From The City

Twickenham House & Hall

Marshall - North Carolina
35 minutes from Asheville

Craggy Gardens

Ivy - North Carolina
35 minutes from Knoxville

Mountain Magnolia Inn

Hot Springs - North Carolina
45 minutes from Asheville


Jefferson - North Carolina
2.5 hours from Asheville

Overlook Barn

Banner Elk - North Carolina
1.5 hours from Asheville

Longleaf Vineyards

Marshall - North Carolina
30 minutes from Asheville

If Asheville is calling for rain, fear not because rainy days can still be beautiful!  If rain is in the forecast, I'd recommend ordering a few clear umbrellas on Amazon. It also might be good to re-evaluate portrait locations to make sure we can still shoot in natural light - even if it means heading offsite.

If you don't own a pair of cute Wellies, now may be a great time to order a pair - even if you're just wearing them in between shooting locations. 

Rain Tips For Asheville Weddings

Hair and makeup may need to be tweaked to withstand humidity if your wedding is outdoors.

While I can't guarantee that rain on your wedding day is good luck, we can put a plan in place to ensure a beautiful day and beautiful images.

Rainy day weddings may require a little more flexibility and creativity, but there isn't any reason why they can't be as beautiful and as joyful as sunny weddings!

As someone who specializes in photographing weddings in and around Asheville, I have a lot of great tips and tricks to make sure your wedding feels exactly how you pictured it. Head over to my Asheville Wedding Photographer Q+A to learn more about me and get some great info!

Q+A Time!

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Ahhh sweet spring. The fresh warmth of new life, trees coming alive with buds, and rhododendron blooms covering the mountain trails. There's just something so refreshing and exciting about this time of year!

Getting married in the spring is one of the most popular seasons around Knoxville to tie the knot. Its warmth brings a welcome break from the cold winter yet it is not too hot to make you and your guests miserable.

My biggest tip for spring weddings is to really (really really!) make sure you love your rain plan. Make sure you still love your venues rain ceremony site, too!


While summer months can get a bit hot here in Asheville, these weddings are some of my favorite!

If your envisioning a sunset ceremony, evening bonfires, and dancing under the stars, a summer wedding is definitely the perfect option for you. 

Keep in mind that if you're planning a summer wedding, to work with the sun, not against it. Have your ceremony a bit later if it is outdoors, and plan on having humidity proof hair when planning out your style.


Here we are. Fall. "Busy Season" for weddings. There is no wonder why fall (especially October) is one of the most sought out months for weddings for Asheville Wedding Venues

If you have your heart set on getting married in the beautiful fall season, make sure to book your wedding professionals early! Saturdays in October are usually my first dates booked every year!


While it is true that I book more winter weddings in warmer places like Florida and the Caribbean, a cozy winter wedding is something of beauty.

The seasons of asheville

Additional Tips For Picking The Perfect Asheville Wedding Venues

AFTER SHOOTING for over 8 years, i'm happy to share a few additional tips

1. If the venue is outdoors, make sure you equally love Plan B if it rains. No one wants to think about the worse-case-scenario when planning their dream wedding. The rain won't get you down if you equally love the interior options of the venue. That could be a beautiful white tent on the lawn, or a stunning white-walled barn with a fireplace at the end of the aisle, or a lush greenhouse to give you all the outside vibes! Just make sure the backup plan is something you would love, too.

2. LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT! Light is everything to a photographer. Natural light, diffused light, harsh light, incandescent light, light, light, light. you get the idea. As I walk into your venue and up to greet you in the bridal suite, I am scanning where the best areas are to photograph. 

3. If your reception is at a separate venue, add some "fluff time" so that we can run over to the venue to capture it while it's still "untouched" by guests giving you the best detail shots of your beautiful reception.

4. Make sure that you tour your venue at the same time of day that the ceremony will be at. If you’re getting married at 3 pm in July, a field without any shade probably won't be very comfortable. Likewise, if you plan on getting married at 7 pm, steer clear of venues that require lots of natural light for them to be beautiful. 

With all of that said, a skilled wedding photographer (ah-em... me!) will make the best of every lighting condition and I am certain that your wedding will be beautiful.

At the end of the day its not about having wedding images that get a ton of likes, it's about documenting the beginning of your love story. so that when you look back on the images I created, you will feel those same emotions. My goal as a wedding photographer is to serve my clients the way they deserve and create snapshots that transcend time and will always bring you back to when it all began. 

I know you have a lot of options when it comes to picking an Asheville Wedding Photographer, so I am so excited and appreciative of you being here. Being a part of your wedding, and creating heirloom photographs for you is truly an honor. 

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