Best Coffee Shops in Jacksonville

Jacksonville coffee shops are plentiful and are easily making its way to a prominent coffee city. Awesome coffee is a year-round commodity in St. Augustine. You can find an array of coffee beans and at various shops throughout the city. These cities are coffee heaven

Because Coffee = Life

To me, new destinations mean new coffee shops to check out, and you never know when you’ll find the one you love. As a person I cannot live without coffee I call it my emotional support beverage. Basically, I am living on coffee as soon as I enter a café my soul starts looking for coffee and I think everyone loves coffee.

Coffee is my survival drink. I can never stop to have coffee if I think about stop drinking it after a short while I laugh a lot because no! I can never do that, never in a million year. For me a good day starts with a nice cup of coffee and it’s the only thing that keeps me running the entire day. So come on let’s explore some beautiful aesthetic cafes of Jacksonville filled with the aroma of coffee and love. Here is the list of best coffee shops in Jacksonville that you might love to explore  so let’s set on the coffee journey .

Top Local Coffee Shops In Jacksonville

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

The number one on my list of coffee shops is “Bold Bean Coffee Roasters “. Jacksonville Magazine chose them as the best coffee in the city. Their small-batch coffees are roasted on-site in their gas-fired San Franciscan SF-75 drum roaster, which grants the staff control over every aspect of the roast. ‘Clarity, sweetness and uniqueness.’ It is for these reasons that it is the best coffee in the town and as a bonus they also offer homemade syrups, ranging in flavor from vanilla to cardamom, to complement their already top draw coffee.  Isn’t this place worth visiting?

Sippers Coffeehouse

Let’s explore another coffee shop so the next on my list is “Sippers Coffeehouse”. It is a small neighborhood coffeehouse that is owned and operated by Matt and Marcy Staley since 2009. Their motto is ‘friendship begins with a cup of kindness.’ With a warm welcome, you can choose from one of the three drip coffees here, a French press, a chai latte blended in house, and a range of some 26 flavors that can be added to your chosen beverage, which include English toffee, graham cracker, cinnamon, and blueberry.Oh My God, I want to taste all those flavors.

The Coffee Grinders

Let’s go to the next coffee shop with me are you ready? So let’s go, it is none other than “The Coffee Grinder”. It’s a coffee shop with Over 60 types of coffee beverages that are available for you.OMG, its coffee heaven right! I would love to go there. The menu includes a chocolate mint latte, café au lait and the Coconut Cream, which comes with chunks of real unsweetened coconut. I am melting with just the thoughts of it. They serve their coffee from esteemed Pacific Northwest roasters Panache, as well as blends of single-origin coffees. Ok I have a surprise for you this café not only serves you coffee but it has more to offer like the café exhibits artwork from local artists and hosts DJs who spin trance and progressive house. So, dear, you can enjoy both artwork and coffee. I hope you would love it there.

Coffee Cafes in St Augustine

I think we should now talk about the best coffee shops in St Augustine so come on with me to the next stop of our journey to find the best coffee shops because coffee is our fuel remember.


Number 1 on my list is  Kookaburra. It is the best place for a coffee lover like me. There Service is speedy, and they serve you your coffee love with a smile, making this the optimum joint for grab-and-go stimulation downtown. So dear isn’t it the best place to go and have a cup of coffee that will warm up your soul.

City Perks

Let’s proceed to our next coffee shop in the town “City Perks”. A cup of coffee with fresh air is worth it all dear. So take the time to enjoy a coffee and a treat inside their shop or out in the courtyard. They offer some of the most highly regarded coffee roasting names in North Florida. They have a wide array of beverage options. City Parks invites guests to visit with friends, to settle in and work, or to simply take a moment to relax alone with an excellent beverage. So let’s go to City Perks.

Crucial Coffee Cafe

Last on my list for St Augustine is Crucial Coffee Café a picturesque cabin that cannot be missed. The café itself is small but it is like getting lost in a fine piece of literature. It excites me way too much when I just imagine being at a place like that.

Best Coffee Shops Near Amelia Island

On this beautiful journey of finding the best coffee shops let’s move on to our last destination Amelia Island. A new city means newly brewed cups of coffee and beautiful shop interiors to enjoy. So for this beautiful city let’s hunt for the best cafés.

Amelia Island Coffee

Well, do you know Amelia Island has a coffee shop that says” Amelia Island coffee” amazing, isn’t it? Oh, you are right this is first on my list. Amelia Island Coffee serves a large range of classic drinks that you would love. So let’s go to Amelia Island I mean the coffee shop.

Cuban Cafe

Hola! Cuban Café is the last coffee shop from our beautiful coffee filled journey as it is last let’s go for a more cultural coffee experience no matter which coffee drink you order, all beans are ground right in front of you as you order them for only the freshest of sips. It might be last on our journey but it’s definitely not the least. I hope you enjoyed this journey full of coffee. Because coffee is life right?

That’s it! Best of the best coffee shops in Jacksonville and the first coast. As a wedding and portrait photographer, there is nothing better than heading over to my favorite coffee shop for some quiet editing and emailing. I love the atmosphere! I hope you enjoy this list and have found some amazing new small businesses to enjoy and support!

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