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Mikayla and her family participated in 15-minute mini-session to show just how much amazing variety you can get in that amount of time. Mini sessions, or limited edition sessions, are the perfect option for specialty photoshoots like holiday cards and mothers day! I only offer them about once or twice a year, so if you […]

How much can you do in 15 minutes?
Mini Sessions


Coffee Shops Greenville SC
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A charming downtown with pedestrian-friendly streets lined with local boutiques, Greenville SC is a welcoming place to grab a cup of coffee, sit outdoors and do some people-watching, or just relax and read a book from a local bookstore. Coffee shops in Greenville SC are bounding with amazing people and the atmosphere that make this […]

The Best Local Coffee Shops in Greenville SC


Dog Parks in Greenville SC
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Is it just me, or do dog parks seem to be kind of boring for humans? You just kind of stand their under a pavilion letting your dog run around until it’s too hot to bear it anymore. Fun for Fido, boring for people. Well, that is 100% not the case for these Top 3 […]

Top 3 Dog Parks In Greenville SC

Greenville, South Carolina

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