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A wedding ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most important and precious events you’ll ever experience. As they say, weddings bring two souls closer and make them one for the rest of their lives.

You are probably here because your engaged (yay! yay! congrats!) and you have amazing taste, haha. Castleton Farms TN is truly one of the most breathtaking venues in eastern Tennesee and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What makes Castleton Farms Amazing?

It would not be an overstatement to say that Castleton Farms, located in Loudon, Tennessee, is probably the best venue for your wedding. This 110-acre farm has enough space to accommodate all your guests and has every facility to make your wedding look lavish. Being a professional wedding photographer, I have seen many venues for weddings, and this one definitely hits the mark for an all-time favorite.

Venue locations at Castleton Farms

Castleton Farms Tennessee provides you with four different reception venues to choose from.

Southern Gardens

If you are a couple who wants to celebrate their contemporary wedding style, you must go to the Southern gardens. Every element of the southern farms gives you a modern feel. The staff has kept a white theme for the venue wherein they have used all the elements of white colors. The white leather couch, along with the white curtain, makes the hall look spacious and gives you the vibe of a modern wedding.

Whimsical Woodlands Gardens.

This venue location gives you the vibe of traveling back into time and celebrating your wedding like a fairytale. The huge gardens surrounded by trees and benches are not only a perfect location for your wedding ceremony but also perfect from the perspective of photography.

Vintage Carriage House Garden

This venue location gives you all those rustic farm feels. The ceremony cite is a beautiful arbor in the gardens, and your reception is held within the old weathered wood vintage barn. You wedding will have a vintage farm vibe with a luxury experience.

Tuscan Vintage Gardens

Like a completely another world, stepping into the Tuscan Vintage Gardens is a unique experience. Grand columns, a pond, fountains, and a vineyard give your wedding an Italian countryside vibe

Get to know this Tennessee venue

  • In the center of this 110-acre farm is a manor based on Greek design surrounded by manicured lawns and rolling pastures. The manor has designated suites that house that bride and groom.
  • We all know that unlike a regular party, a wedding involves a series of events. Therefore, Castleton Farms allows you to make efficient use of the services offered by them. You may use the farms for engagement, boudoir (yes, please!), bridal portrait sessions.
  • You would know the importance of bridal makeup in a wedding ceremony. No bride wants to look at anything but the best version of themselves on this day. To help you achieve your bridal makeup goals, Castleton Farms have a designated suite for you. The suite is accessible after 8:00 A.M. and has everything that you can possibly think of. Side note – it is a STUNNING bridal suite. Truly a photographer’s dream!
  • Coming to another most important person at a wedding, the groom. The groom has a designated suite, too, which is beyond perfect. If you are a groom scrolling through our website, we want to tell you that the suite has a lot for you as well. The first thing you see is a big flat-screen TV.
  • Apart from this, the groom has access to ESPN Go, Cornhole, and exclusive access to the Castleton pool. If you feel this isn’t enough for you, there is an option to add skeet shooting as well.
  • But a wedding isn’t just about the bride and groom, right? So, for all the guests who would be attending the bridal party, there is a full Mimosa Bar. The bar has a variety of juice options that are made with fresh fruits. Apart from the juices, there is a dedicated breakfast slot where you will be served with an assortment of bagels and coffee.
  • If the breakfast wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger, you might want to have a look at the lunch served, which includes a variety of food options and multiple cuisines for the guests from the bride’s family as well as the groom’s family.
  • You get to choose between two types of garden chairs, which are either white or black. The farms provide you with 200 chairs initially. However, you can always get additional chairs if required.
  • The reception hall has chandeliers, table linens, glassware, and everything to make your ceremony look perfect. The farm provides you with a variety of options to choose from. In terms of fabric, you have options for cotton, polyester, and Lamour for the table linens. The glassware and flatware are also available in multiple designs and colours.
  • Not satisfied with the above-mentioned elements? The farms also provide you with a ton of additional elements such as candelabras, additional chandeliers, mirrors, chalkboard signs, etc.
  • Want to get to a specific spot on the 110 acres for your first look or portraits? Get this, there is a designated Castleton Farms Golf Cart for all your pre-ceremony pictures! Now we don’t have to walk a mile in your wedding dress for bridal party shots, that’s a win in my book!
  • A team of wonderful event coordinators to handle all the decoration and design. There are parking attendants to guide your guests. There is an on-site shuttle bus, too, which will take your guests to the ceremony location.
  • By now, I believe that you would already be planning to book the farm for your wedding. However, there are a few more additions to this. You get access to wireless internet on the entire farm, and the entire area is handicap accessible too. So, if you have guests who are disabled, Castleton Farms welcomes them with a warm heart.

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Dara’s Garden is a beautiful wedding venue located in South Knoxville that can accommodate up to 200 guests. One thing I love about this venue is you have the option to have the venue for 12 full hours (hair and makeup in the bridal suite!) and you are able to set up the decorations the day before!


The Kincaid House is truly a unique venue located about 30 minutes outside Knoxville. Their garden setting is absolutely breathtaking and would be beautiful for a spring wedding!


I honestly have a hard time trying to describe this incredible venue. I am a huge fan of venues with a view, but something about the Quarry and the beautiful stone background with delicate floral arrangements is just so beautiful. This one is definitely a must check out!


The Magnolia is an all-time favorite venue located about an hour from Knoxville. One awesome benefit of getting married in Pigeon Forge is there are tons and tons of restaurants and lodging for you and your guests. This outdoor Knoxville wedding venue can accommodate 100 guests.


The Trillium Wedding Venue is located in Sevierville, approximately 40 minutes from Knoxville. This stunning venue gives you full access (and views to match!) of those beautiful Smokies we all know and love. This is a bonus listing because it isn’t open yet! But, contact them to book because they are taking bookings for Fall 2021!

For a complete guide to your Knoxville Wedding Venues, check out this amazing article. You’ll have your venue nailed down today!

What can I do for you at Castleton Farms?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer you absolutely love and click with is the next step to make sure that you can capture all the amazing moments you will have at your wedding. These photographs will act as a ticket for traveling back in time and having a look at all the beautiful memories you created with your loved ones.

I have been working as a professional photographer for over 8 years. Throughout that time I realized that the intimate moments in between the poses were the ones most cherished. My wedding work has been seen in places like The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Carolinas Magazine, Embrace Beauty Magazine and many other leading industry publications. I’m sincerely grateful for every single one of them, and for the others yet to come. But none of that matters without the experience, the fun, and the results that everyone feels when they look back through their photographs. If you think we’d make an amazing fit contact me today and let’s chat about your wedding!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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