cummer museum garden engagement photos

Cummer Museum Gardens Engagement
Danielle + Lucas

Can we all give a big round of applause to Lucas for being such a champ? When Danielle and Lucas walked up to me at the Cummer Museum Gardens, I was shocked to see Lucas wearing a medical boot due to an injury on his foot. But you know what, this engagement session couldn’t have gone more smoothly! Walking slow and taking it easy makes for lots of great portraits. Look through these images and you would have never known. Lucas, you are a champ!

Part 1: The Cummer Museum Gardens

We met up at the beautiful Cummer Museum Gardens where we (slowly) explored the grounds and enjoyed the beautiful March afternoon. Danielle and Lucas are so so sweet. I loved getting to know them, laugh together, and just enjoy their beautiful love!

Favorite part of the Cummer Museum would have to be that the flowers were in full bloom! These two were champs (and didn’t look at me like a was a crazy person) when I stuck them in some azalea bushes. It was magic!

Part 2: Jacksonville Park With The Pups

When Danielle told me she wanted to include her two dogs in the engagement session, I was so excited! I love it when my couples bring along their fur babies. Chorizo and Rajah were literally complete opposites! Chorizo (the dachshund) was bounding with energy. While Rajah was cool, calm collected, and not really interested in taking pictures, haha.

I cannot wait to celebrate Danielle and Lucas’s wedding this summer! Enjoy these beautiful engagement photos and a glimpse at this sweet couple’s love.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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