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Restaurant-Free Ideas For Your Date Night In Greenville SC

After 10 years of marriage, Joey and I because extremely bored with the usual restaurant atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fancy meal that I don’t have to clean up. But enjoying good conversation over our morning coffee became so much more meaningful the occasional restaurant date night.

For a long time, we stopped going out on dates altogether.

Eventually, we realized that what we were missing was creating kid-free memories together. So I wanted to create this guide to help you dream up amazing date nights that is not just sitting across the table at a restaurant. I hope you enjoy and this encourages you to make new memories with your love.

Top 10 Restaurant Free Date Nights In Greenville

1. Brew In The Zoo

2. Segway Tour Of Greenville

3. Jack & Diane’s Piano Bar

4. Comedy Club

The Comedy Zone or Cafe and then Some

5. The Mad Smash

6. Top Golf

I will be the first to admit that I look ridiculous trying to golf. In full transparency, I probably completely miss the ball 5/10 times. But you know what? It is still fun. And who cares if I suck… it probably makes me look adorable to Joey… probably haha.

7. Bowling

8. Rent Kayaks At Lake Robinson

9. Strip Club 104

10. Book a couples photoshoot!

If this is your first time on my website… HEEEEYYYYYY! By day (and weekend) I photograph couples, families, and weddings. Let me tell you, couples sessions are A BLAST. You have a chance to pamper yourself and just have an amazing time creating beautiful moments that you will hold on to for forever. Whether we head downtown for a casual session in the city or up in the foothills for a breathtaking sunset scene. You will never reget spending the evening laughing and loving. Don’t believe me? Check out what Cait has to say…

“Elly was nothing short of fantastic. My husband and I were cracking up, the entire time. She made this experience stress-free and a lot of fun. I would recommend her 110/10!!”

If you are interested in a couples session, engagement session or a proposal, reach out! I would love to chat with you and will be so excited to see your message in my inbox! You can contact me by clicking HERE.

I hope that you have found new inspiration for your next date night! Remember that no matter what you choose to do, little memories are what create a beautiful life.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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