That’s right, friends! I know that every choice you make when planning your wedding is a decision that comes from the heart. The choice of your East Tennessee Wedding Venues is definitely no exception!

In this guide East Tennessee Wedding Venues, we will talk about…


East Tennessee Best Wedding Venues

That is a very bold headline… I couldn’t possibly group all the different wedding venues in eastern Tennessee into one article. To keep everything simple for you, I decided to break it up style of wedding venue. Click the link to learn more about each location… let’s dive in!




That’s a lot of info. I know it is a bit overwhelming to try to decide where you want your wedding venue, so I will give you a quick bit of advice that will help a ton…

Decide whether or not you want your wedding in the city or away from the city. That will help you make a clear understanding of the kind of wedding you want to have. City venues and country venues are both beautiful, but only one type of venue will speak to your heart and give you the wedding you are dreaming of. It’s a great place to start!

Let’s dive into a fun Q&A to learn the story behind these amazing venues

For the next few weeks, I will be partnering with some amazing Wedding Venues around eastern Tennessee to answer the other important questions that you probably wouldn’t have thought to ask.

You’ll get to know the top East TN Wedding Venues a little more personally – and hopefully – will help steer you in the direction of the wedding venue that you’ve always dreamed about.

Why am I doing this? Because the story is everything. A place can look pretty (which all of these venues are gorgeous!) but the story behind these venues and the owners or coordinators of them is really where the heart lies.

I want you to choose your wedding venue and feel a special connection to it. Yes, it’s a stunning location and you’ll create beautiful memories there, but the power of connection is everything.

This Q&A Series will be specifically for East Tennessee and surrounding area Wedding Venues.

Without further ado… I can’t wait to share this with you all! Let’s get to the good stuff! Click the link below to see the Q&A from each individual venue. More will be added as the series continues. A big thank you to all these amazing people for really sharing their hearts here.

Wedding Venue Q&A Series

  1. Sugar Hollow Retreat |We are the destination venue that prioritizes fun, adventure, and making memories with your family and friends.  With the lodging for up to 60 on-site, you really get to spend quality time with your guests. READ MORE HERE –>
  2. The Kincaid House | We want to make their day everything they dreamed of.  We treat every bride just like she was a family member and want everyone to be happy on that day.  We stay in touch with our brides and know when special things happen in their lives. READ MORE HERE –>
  3. Marblegate Farm | Long ago, huge slabs of marble fell from a train derailment on the property. The rock was too heavy to pick up, so the train company simply left it there. When our family purchased the property in the 1990s, the marble slabs were moved to the entrance of the property to form the pillars of our gate, giving it the name “Marblegate Farm”. READ MORE HERE –>
  4. The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm | The property has been in our family for over 40 years. When the recession hit in 2008, Nancy & her dad were both corporate pilots and Nancy & her mother owned a competitive horseshow barn. After they all lost their jobs and business slowed down, they had to become innovators. As a family of party-throwers, they decided to build an event venue & throw parties for a living! Almost thirteen years later… READ MORE HERE –>
  5. Enchanted Valley Barn | Spring offers blooming purple Wisteria and apple tree blossoms. Our wildflower garden starts growing then and the pond flora starts to grow each day. Summer heat brings the gentle chirp of frogs once night falls. READ MORE HERE –>

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! I am here to help. You can also enlist the help of some of Eastern Tennessee’s top wedding planners.

Here are a few of my favorite Wedding Planners in Knoxville, along with their top tips.

Absolute Wedding Perfection | Angie Froemel

“Less is more!”

Focus on the details that are important to you, let your wedding planner handle the rest and it will all fall into place.

EG Weddings & Events | Emily Gustafson

“Remember what’s most important to you. You can’t make every area of your wedding a top priority. You have to choose the things that matter the most to you and your fiancé and prioritize those in terms of your time and your budget. Then, tackle those choices first.

“Second tip, keep realistic expectations. You might not become a world-class ballroom dancer in time for your first dance, but you could learn to waltz. You might not have floral installations like the ones on Pinterest, but your flowers will be perfect and gorgeous.  Being realistic helps you feel content with your wedding. Every single wedding no matter how elaborate or simple is beautiful.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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