Falls Park On The Reedy Photoshoot | Greenville SC Bridal Session

Falls Park On The Reedy Bridal Session With Bride On A Sunny Day

Can I just say, I looooooooove bridal sessions! The creativity, the whimsy, the extra time to just have fun! There are so many reasons. Patty’s bridal session at Falls Park On The Reedy was no exception. We had so much fun catching all the glowy light and beautiful scenery that downtown Greenville has to offer!

Starting our bridal session at The Venue At Falls Park

To kick off our session before heading into Falls Park On The Reedy, Patty got ready at The Venue At Falls Park. It was the perfect location to get a reprieve from the hot summer day and to get into our session slowly. Bonus: We just walked straight outside and were at the park! Perfect!

A perfect summer day at Falls Park On The Reedy

When choosing an outdoor space to host a bridal session (or any session for that matter!) the weather is always at the back of my mind. Will it cooperate? Will we get rained out? There are so many moving parts to a successful bridal session and I am SO happy that Patty had a beautiful glowy, sunny day to complement her beautiful personality! The weather was warm (a little hot towards the end but perfect for most of the time haha) and we were able to capture so many beautiful spots throughout the park and downtown Greenville.

Tips for planning a bridal session

If you’re looking at these beautiful images of Patty and wondering “how can I have that?!” I would be happy to give you some pointers!

Extra Portraits Is Always A Good Thing

Booking a bridal session is a great way to get extra portraits of you, especially with how crazy the wedding day can get. It’s always so nice to get at least 10-15 minutes of solo bridal portraits on the wedding day, but sometimes I wish we had more time! Bridal Sessions ensure me that the bride and I have plenty of time to be creative, get unique shots, and really take time to photograph portraits.

Hair And Makeup Trail

Another great thing about bridal sessions is it gives you a chance to test out your hair and makeup! This is HUGE. I mean, how often are you getting hair and makeup professionally done? I always tell my bridals to use their hair and makeup trial on the same day as the bridal portraits so you get to see how you look AND how it photographs. Usually, the stylist will change up your hair a bit if you ask so you can have a slightly different look for your bridal session than your wedding day (like wearing it up for wedding day and down for bridals. This also gives you a chance to learn your veil and get tips from your stylist on how to secure it! You don’t want to be fumbling around with a unsecured veil all day on your wedding – I promise!

Test Out Your Florals

Speaking of trial runs, this is also a great opportunity to involve your florist! Have them make you a mock bouquet to use at your bridal session (I LOVE having the fresh flowers there and it really makes the images come alive!) and it gives you a real, hands-on idea of what your floral arrangements will be on your wedding day. There will be no surprises on color, shapes, or anything. You get to work the “kinks” out with your florist beforehand!

Take Your Whole Look For A Spin

Lastly, bridal session gives you the opportunity to see the “total package” before the big day. There is so much hype around the wedding day, so much going on, that some things might go unnoticed until after you get your photographs back. Whether that’s realizing that your dress needs extra padding in certain places (happens to the best of us!) or if you realize you really don’t love the way your heels made you feel. It could even be the way your veil looks! There are so many things that I would hate for my brides to notice after their wedding. It is so much easier to realize these things on the “trial run” at a bridal session than to realize them on the wedding day (or after!)

Whew… that was a lot of info! Let’s do a short recap.

Pros For Planning An Amazing Bridal Session

  • You get extra portraits
  • Test Out Hair And Makeup
  • Test Out Your Florals
  • Get a “Full Picture Look” at your outfit

Interested in your own Bridal Session At Falls Park On The Reedy?

Or I suppose anywhere remotely near Greenville, SC? Look no further! I would love for you to reach out HERE and let’s plan your own custom bridal session. In the meantime, scroll down through Patty’s amazing session!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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