Family Photographer Jacksonville FL | Young family fall field session

Outdoor Family Session | Family Photographer Jacksonville FL

Family Photographer Jacksonville FL | Family in a field with a baby and toddler

When you think about your Family Photographer in Jacksonville FL, I want you to consider the experience that is involved with your session. From outfit planning to premier Jacksonville locations, your experience about the images we capture is what makes these photographs so so precious.

This sweet family is one of the reasons I love love love field sessions. It gives the sweet babies a chance to run around, and whether its cloudy or sunny, we always create amazing photographs.

Jalissa and her families outfits are part of my client collection and available to every one of my jacksonville family photography sessions.

How to make the most of your Jacksonville Family Session

When you invest in something as important as capturing your young families memories, I want you to feel prepared. While I offer all my families a detailed guide, location help, and client closet, here are my top tips as a Family Photographer in Jacksonville FL with over 10 years of experience.

  1. You as the mom and dad, always be smiling, silly, and having fun. There is nothing worse than the one second your sweet little makes the perfect little grin, only to have dad in the background making an awkward face. So mama, you focus on your smile and I will be the goofy one singing baby shark and making fart sounds.
  2. Never wear plaid. Ever.
  3. Here is a big one. Your tots are perfectly okay to be themselves. Running away jumping, meltdowns, being shy… I mean I could go on and on. But that’s why it is so important to hire a trained expert that loves loves loves babies and kiddos. We will make magic, promise!

What can I offer as a Family Photographer Jacksonville FL?

When it comes to capturing your family, your little ones, and the love you share, the last thing on my mind is a photo of everyone staring at the camera and saying cheese. (I actually tell my families to never say cheese, lol!)

Why? Because those photos don’t capture the moment like candid family photos will. When you look at the images I take of your family, you will be brought back to that moment in time. You will feel your child’s warmth as she wraps her arms around you. And you’ll hear her giggles as daddy gives her a piggyback ride.

I am not simply offering a family portrait, I am giving you an heirloom that transcends time. You’ll never forget how small their hands felt in yours, or the love that you and your husband shared (even with the sleepless nights!) It’s yours. Those moments are yours forever in the photographs I take. Not to brag, but I am sort of a superhero! Okay okay… that’s a bit much. If you want to capture your family’s authentic love, contact me today, and let’s chat about your precious family! I will probably be jumping for joy when I see your email in my inbox

Elly M.

Until next time!

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