Get The Most Out Of Your Detail Shots

A helpful guide to my couples who want those epic detail shots and a smooth start to their wedding day.

What are detail shots? A wedding detail shot is the perfect way to capture all of those important details that go into your big day. This includes things like your rings, flowers, or the newlyweds laughing together in front of a fireplace. These shots are often taken during pre-ceremony preparations and may include family members or bridal party members.

Why should you care about getting all of these photographed? Well first, you spend a lot of time on every detail of you wedding, and I believe you should have those memories to hold forever. Secondly, detail shots create an album and blog that makes your wedding day cohesive and editorial. I use these detail photographs to create a cohesive and beautiful design that really allows me to capture the full story of you day, from the small details to the big emotions.

8 Tips for Achieving the Perfect Wedding Day Detail Shots

Ok Elly I am sold! How can I help you achieve the most beautiful detail shots of my wedding details? Yay I am glad you asked. Here are my top 7 tips for making sure this part of the day runs smoothly and we get everything we need!

1. Keep The Rings Handy

Instead of keeping the rings in the pocket of the best man, who may or may not be on time, the groom or bride should bring these items themselves. Having the rings together and cleaned will make it easy to grab a few photos so your photographer can focus on the more important pictures and details involving the bride and groom.

2. Keep Your Detail Items In One Area

I send a list to my clients before their wedding day with items they may want to include in their detail shots. Items such as their dress, dress hanger, rings, shoes, veil, bouquet, hairpieces, invitation suite, vow book, and any other keepsake the is important to both of you. Having these items packed together in one area, will make it easy to get the photos you want and access these items. On the day of, you want to be focusing your time on getting ready and preparing for your wedding, not trying to find last-minute detail items.

3. Incorporate Fun Styling Accessories

You don’t have to stick to the standard list of items we send out for your detail shots. You can include additional things like ribbons, flowers, pretty stamps, and so on to create the specific style or aesthetic you want. Just make sure that it’s there when the photographer arrives so it can be incorporated into your photos.

4. Put Someone Else in Charge

You’ve already created your shot list, and you have all of your detail items packed. However, on your wedding day, you shouldn’t have to manage these items. Instead, choose someone else to handle that responsibility, such as a mother, maid of honor, or another trustworthy person.

5. Keep Your Shoes Off!

I know ahead of time a few of the key shots I need to take. This includes the groom getting ready, buttoning their jacket, or putting on their shoes. Don’t rush to get ready until the photographer arrives so that they can document the entire process. Remember, this is a special day, and you’ll want the memories of putting on your wedding suit. While we can always have you take off your shoes and put them on again, it’s more special to catch the moment as it’s happening.

6. Don’t Rush To Get Dressed

Brides will spend a good portion of their wedding day getting their hair and makeup completed. However, don’t rush to put on your shoes or jewelry! Photographers will take the time to capture these items in various ways before you even put them on. Plus, when you wait, we’re able to take photographs of those special moments of your mom putting on a necklace or your bridesmaid helping with your shoes.

7. Pick a Clean Spot

Often times, bridesmaids will bring tons of stuff with them to get ready for the wedding, such as stacks of clothes, curling irons, makeup, open bottles of champagne, and food. I always go for the wall near the window to photograph using beautiful natural light. So my advice is to keep all the getting ready stuff to one area if possible.

8. Ask the Florist to Save Me a Few Sprigs

There is nothing as beautiful and cohesive as a few springs of your flowers to use with details! I love it, and you’ll be so thankful they are incorporated. When working with your florist, make sure to tell them to leave me a few pieces to have. They do sometimes remember this, but it makes the process faster if they know in advance!

Bonus Tip: Enjoy Your Wedding Day

The most important detail of your wedding is to remember to have a fantastic time. This is you and your significant other’s big day, and it should be a day of enjoying each other, not stressing over the small details. By planning all of your wedding day detail shots in advance with your photographer, you’ll be prepared for the day and will have one less thing to stress about.

Wedding day detail shots are a great way to remember your special day and the things that make your love so unique. If you need some help figuring out the right shots for you, check out my portfolio of wedding photography work for inspiration!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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