The Experience

The experience you have on your wedding day is everything. As your wedding photographer, it is important to me that you are relaxed and your wedding day is filled to the brim with laughter and fun. The quality of your experience is just as important to me as the beautiful images you will receive. There is a lot that goes into planning your wedding, that is why I keep things simple and want you to feel relieved that you have a photographer you can 100% trust to capture you wedding.

You can think of me as your side kick on your wedding day. My focus will be staying out of the way and letting those precious moments unfold, while also stepping in during portraits and making sure you look your best throughout the day. 85% of your wedding day will be unposed, candid moments while the other 15% will be more directed. This is intentional so that you never feel overwhelmed being in front of the camera while also getting beautiful stunning images. Remember, your experience is everything. I want you to enjoy your day, make memories with your friends and family, and celebrate your love.

The photographs I deliver to you are equally important as the experience I provide. Your final gallery will tell the story that is uniquely you. When you view your gallery for the first time, I want you to feel your images and bring to life your wedding day. As the years pass, your wedding images will be able to bring you right back to this moment. As your photographer, creating images that illicit the same emotions even years down the road is everything. That is the bread and butter of what I do. I know the significance of these timeless treasures that will be apart of your family for generations.


The Investment


Weddings - Weddings begin at $2,350 and can be customized to suit your vision. My most popular package is $3,150. All wedding packages come with hand selected images curated to tell the full story of your day. You can expect anywhere from 500-800 high-resolution digital images.
Knoxville Wedding Photographer


Weddings begin at $2,350 and can be customized to suit your vision. My most popular package is $3,150.

All wedding packages come with hand selected images curated to tell the full story of your day. You can expect anywhere from 500-800 high-resolution digital images.



WHat does your coverage include?

All wedding photography packages include delivery of high resolution professionally edited digital files through your own private online gallery with a personal use copyright release. Options available through your gallery are wedding albums, prints, thank you cards, gallery wraps, acrylic and metal prints and more. You are also welcome to print your images wherever you’d like.

How many images will we RECEIVE?

My goal is to tell your story… fully, completely and beautifully. I do not have a specified number of photographs I deliver because I believe that is restrictive and will not portray your full story. With that said, you can expect to receive 500 to 1000 edited images, depending on the nature of your celebration.

WHat does the process look like?

The first step is making sure your date is available! My availability is based on signed contracts. If you’d like, we can chat on the phone or over coffee about your day and make sure we are a great fit! About 80% prefer communicating simply through email – and that’s fine too!

Once you decide I’ll make the perfect side kick for your wedding day, its time to book! There is a 50% deposit in order to secure your date.

Next step is the Engagement Session! I love Engagement Sessions because it gives you a chance to get comfortable in front of my camera. Think of it like a test run for the big day 😉

Next step is the Wedding Day! Woohoo, it’s finally here!

After the wedding, I love sending a few sneak peaks within 2-3 days and your gallery will be available within 4 weeks.

WHat does the copyright release allow me to do with my images?

The copyright release gives you personal use rights to your photos. This means you can plaster them all over Social Media until your heart’s content.

You can blog about your special day. You can run down to the local drug store and order 150 wallet prints of your Cousin Fred putting 37 cocktail shrimp in their mouth and send a copy to every one of your guests.

What you can’t do with your wedding photos is say that you took them, re-edit them in Instagram-o-matic splendor, or post them anywhere that requires that you claim sole ownership of the photos (you know, pretend that you made them). That includes entering them in most contests. 

How do I know if you’re the right photographer for me?

If you’ve read this far, you have learned a lot about me, and what a professional wedding photographer should do for you. Do you feel like I’m someone you would want to spend a day with? (Remember, your wedding photographer is a vendor you’ll actually spend time with on your wedding day, so it’s important that they don’t creep you out.)

Do you think I seem like someone you trust to make the kind of photos you want to see of your wedding day? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, you should email me right now. We should have a chat and get to know each other a little better.

Also, it’s ok if I’m not the perfect wedding photographer for you. Hopefully you’ve learned a little something here to help you find the perfect professional wedding photographer for your day. No matter what, remember:

It’s your day, and it should be perfect on your terms.