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There is no greater investment you can make in your life of motherhood than being able to hold on to those sweet early years for your entire life. You have a chance to remember the giggles, the snuggles, and the silliness that creates the bond you will have with your child well after their tiny hands grow.

Choosing an amazing location as the backdrop of your family session can be a little daunting, especially when Jacksonville has so many beautiful spots! I am going to share with you some of the places you can have your family photos. But, remember than part of your experience with me is that I help plan every step of the way. From outfits to locations and smiles to ordering albums. I am there to make this experience for you, mama, one to cherish.

Let’s get right to the Jacksonville photography location options

Jacksonville Gardens

One amazing thing about Jacksonville is there is almost no shortage of beautiful blooms.

PROS: It’s easy to take a simple stroll with your family, and the photography will fade in the background. This is a great option for children who are more shy, because there are things to distract from having their photo taken

CONS: The negative for gardens is that most public gardens are pretty busy, and you have to stay on the path 99% of the time. So, my images are limited to where we can walk. If you love the idea of your family photoshoot in a Jacksonville garden, it’s super important we go on a weekday to avoid the crowds

The Beach

The beach is an amazing location for fun family photography! We are lucky to live so close to the ocean and have a beautiful spot for Jacksonville Photography family sessions.

PROS: This is the ultimate spot if your kiddo is shy. Something about the sand and the waves brings out the fun and relaxed moods of toddlers. And that make beautiful photographs and memories! Families that choose the beach for their photography session will have a super relaxed session and get a little (or a lot) wet in the process.

CONS: If you have hair like mine (super curly and untamable frizziness) then a beach session may not be for you. You have to consider all that crazy humid wind when planning your hair and outfits.

Field Sessions

Not to be biased here… but I seriously love love love doing family sessions at beautiful, wide-open fields!

PROS: From babe to big kid, there is something magical about a wide open feild. Fun to run in, easy to sit, and you are truly the front and center of your photos. Family photography that takes place in a beautiful field is just so timeless.

CONS: I have none. I love fields ๐Ÿ˜‰

Studio Sessions

A bright and airy studio always makes for beautiful images and is especially wonderful for newborns and babies.

PROS: Weather isn’t an issue. Rain, shine, winter or summer, your session will be perfect.

CONS: While these also have a timeless feel, there isn’t much room to roam.

In-home Session

In home documentary sessions are a great way to really capture your family in the day-to-day life.

PROS: You’ll be able to capture you interacting and snuggling with your child in the environment where they were raised. You will be reading books, baking, gardening, or whatever you naturally do. In home newborn sessions are perfect for showcasing your little ones nursery and documenting your little family

CONS: The only con I can think of (because I am a mama too and I totally get it) is that my house is definitely not picture perfect 80% (okay…. 99%!) of the time.

I hope that is gave you a ton of guidance about how you want your family session to feel. The moments you invest in something as important as photography will pay off so much as the years go by.

What can I offer you for your Jacksonville Photography?

We are so blessed by this role of motherhood. I want you, mama, to be pampered and taken care of during your experience. Us mamas are always behind the scene, we are the rock of our family. You deserve to have incredible moments of you in the young years of the life of being a mama.

Photographing your family would be such an honor for me. I know that these images will be with you long after I have put down my camera. This work is important because it is for you. Timeless, heirloom moments that elicit the same emotion, no matter how many decades have passed. I am here for you. Reach out and let’s chat about you and your precious family.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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