Your Knoxville Engagement Photographers Go-To Guide : Knoxville Engagement Photographer – Your Ultimate Guide To Get The Most Out Of Your Engagement Session

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Your Knoxville Wedding Photographers go-to guide for getting the most out of your engagement session!

I know many engaged couples choose to hire a Knoxville engagement photographer so they get beautiful images for things like their wedding website, their save-the-dates, and to display at the wedding. There is definitely nothing wrong with hiring a Knoxville photographer to photograph your engagement so that you get amazing images (duh, Elly!). But, I love (love love love!) photographing engagements for an entirely different reason.

First and foremost, your Knoxville engagement photographer (then of course wedding photographer!) is going to be by your side more than anyone else on your wedding day!

Your photographer is with you with you from the getting ready stages, in the intimate moments shared with your family, all the way through the celebration and dancing!

It is so important for me that my couples are comfortable with me and the best way to do that is by “getting the jitters out” during our time together at your engagement session. Most of my brides and grooms aren’t used to being in front of a camera, so this is like a practice session before the big day.

Engagement sessions also help build trust between us.

You have seen how I work and you know me a bit more than just a phone call or meeting. Wedding days go so much smoother when we’ve shared an engagement session! Everyone is calmer in front of my camera and it is so much easier for me to capture those intimate moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Ok ok Elly, I hear you! Engagement sessions are wonderful and magical and smart and all that jazz… but what do I wear? How do I pose? What should I expect!?

Glad you asked! Our time together during your engagement session is going to be fun! I won’t be posing you guys in crazy ways (climb that tree and hang upside down!) No, no.. I want your personalities to show through these images.

The session will usually last an hour unless you choose to do an outfit change. I try to schedule our session during that beautiful golden hour. When the sun is placed right around the horizon, during sunrise and sunset, it disperses the most beautiful glow that I (and basically every photographer on earth) go crazy for! Light is everything when it comes to photography, so having the sun on my side is a huge deal. Knoxville (and the Smoky Mountains!) are truly magical at sunset!

What should you wear to your Knoxville Engagement Session?

Glad you asked.. here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Neutrals are king. When in doubt, stick to a neutral color palette for your outfits. Neutrals and pastel colors give your images a timeless look. Think colors like white, black, navy blue, light pink, light blue.
  2. No logos or distracting images. Logos have a way of distracting the image and, if it is not positioned correctly, can cause serious bloopers that go unnoticed. If there is a logo or image that is part of your story, I recommend using that as your first outfit.
  3. Don’t worry about matching. Trust me on this one. A cohesive look is a lot more about the style of clothing and a lot less about the colors. If you are wearing an elegant ballgown, make sure your fiancé isn’t in shorts and a ball cap. If you wear too similar colors (such as both wearing white) then one will always appear whiter and the other color duller.
  4. Animal friends are definitely welcome! Don’t feel like you have to leave your fur-baby at home. Whether you bring your dog, cat, lizard (yes, I’ve photographed a beloved lizard before!) they are welcome to come to the session. Please make sure that animals are allowed at the location you’d like your engagement session and also bring a friend to watch your beloved fur-babe while we finish our photoshoot. Are horses your passion? Bring me to them and we can do a photo shoot with your gentle giant!
  5. Bring props that tell your story. Did you two meet playing volleyball on the beach? Is fishing your favorite pastime? Are you a sailor or a soldier? Bring the items/props that show off your personalities and tell your story.
  6. Dress Up. There is nothing more beautiful than a flowing dress or a floral headwrap, so don’t be afraid to really get dressy for the occasion. Flowy dresses = movement, and movement makes great pictures! You can click here to check out my Pinterest board for some inspo!

That’s it, friends!

Top tips from one of Knoxville’s finest engagement photographers…

(tooting my own horn too much, eh maybe…) I hope that I have swayed your opinion on the necessity of getting an engagement session.

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