Knoxville Outdoor Wedding Venues

Top Knoxville outdoor wedding venues that are NOT barns or farms

If you hang around my blog, my galleries, or my Instagram for a minute, you’ll realize I am all about the great outdoors. The couple’s who choose Knoxville outdoor wedding venues are my people. Compared to city weddings, you and your family have a chance to breathe a little easier. Now, I know those city venues are stunning. They are incredible. But you only get married once, and outdoor weddings are the place to do it in my humble opinion.

Best of the best Knoxville Outdoor Wedding Venues

Dara’s Garden – Knoxville, Tennessee

Dara’s Garden is a beautiful wedding venue located in South Knoxville that can accommodate up to 200 guests. One thing I love about this venue is you have the option to have the venue for 12 full hours (hair and makeup in the bridal suite!) and you are able to set up the decorations the day before!

Castleton Farms – Loudon, Tennessee

Castleton Farms is a stunning (and I mean stunning!) wedding venue. Everything from the Bridal Suite to the ceremony pews/chairs are just perfect.

The Kincaid House – Clinton, Tennessee

The Kincaid House is truly a unique venue located about 30 minutes outside Knoxville. Their garden setting is absolutely breathtaking and would be beautiful for a spring wedding! Check out more about their story here!

The Quarry – Knoxville, Tennessee

I honestly have a hard time trying to describe this incredible venue. I am a huge fan of venues with a view, but something about the Quarry and the beautiful stone background with delicate floral arrangements is just so beautiful. This one is definitely a must check out!

The Magnolia – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Magnolia is an all-time favorite venue located about an hour from Knoxville. One awesome benefit of getting married in Pigeon Forge is there are tons and tons of restaurants and lodging for you and your guests. This outdoor Knoxville wedding venue can accommodate 100 guests. Read more about the Magnolia here.

The Trillium Venue- Sevierville, Tennessee

The Trillium Wedding Venue is located in Sevierville, approximately 40 minutes from Knoxville. This stunning venue gives you full access (and views to match!) of those beautiful Smokies we all know and love. This is a bonus listing because it isn’t open yet! But, contact them to book because they are taking bookings for Fall 2021! Check out the top info about The Trillum here!

This is not an exhaustive list of Knoxville outdoor wedding venues…

I have listed the venues that are truly a luxury experience. Check out my Knoxville Venue Guide to get a head start on your wedding planning!

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