Honest Review Of Kyle Goldie Coaching And Course *2 Years Update*

I am going to take a break from my usual content to talk about something that elevated my business to what it is today. Finding an amazing mentor. Under the wing of Kyle Goldie and his coaching program, I have leveled up my business in ways that would have taken 10+ years to do.

With a massive background in Marketing, Kyle Goldie is also a wedding photographer out of Seattle, Washington. The education he offers is literally exactly what he has done over 10 years to create a successful business.

*I will add that I do make a commission if you choose to purchase Kyles course through the link below. These opinions are 110% my own and I am truly sharing from my heart here ๐Ÿ™‚

What services does Kyle Goldie offer?

At the time of writing this review – a lot! Here is a quick brief of the things he offers:

  1. Mastermind course (which is literally the best thing ever!)
  2. Elevated self-paced course
  3. In-depth Website Audit
  4. SEO Keyphrase Research
  5. Showit Website Templates (Chicago is my absolute fav!)
  6. Add-on pages such as investment guides and landing pages (this timeline add-on page has been a lifesaver with my clients!)
  7. Instagram course
  8. So much more!

Let’s talk about my experience as a Coaching Mastermind Student

To sum up my entire experience as Kyle’s student, life-changing (is that technically two words? I’m going to stick with it anyways haha). Kyle Goldie’s honest approach to leveling up your business is structured specifically around one thing: no-fluff clarity.

What does that look like? Well… a little painful at first. As creatives, I know it is hard to take constructive criticism. I also know our industry is overflowing with bad advice. I mean how many times do you see a genuinely terrible image and the comments say “stunning” or “great job!” and you just scroll on by cuz you don’t want to lie. That sounds harsh… but it’s true, and it happens a ton.

The clarity Kyle gives you through the Coaching program means you always know the steps you need to take. You have zero confusion (he makes sure of that!) and all you have to do is put in the work. There is no guessing.

Favorite aspects of the Coaching Program

SEO Keyword Research

Done-for-you keyphrases that give you limitless amounts of keyphrases to blog about. Seriously worth it’s weight in gold (idk the weigh of a computer digital file… but you get the idea

1:1 Coaching Calls With Kyle Goldie

This is where the extreme clarity comes from. I loved (loved loved loved!) my time on these one on one calls with Kyle. The sky is the limit for the things he helps with! Just a few things that he personally helped me with through these one on ones was client communication (literally looking at recent emails and helping me better my templates and emails to covert clients – now I very rarely have someone ghost me after I send out an initial inquiry), picking the perfect hero image, creating a better work-life balance, fine-tuning my editing, making sure my blog posts are SEO friendly and convert well, and so much more (seriously!)

Weekly Group Calls

The weekly group calls have some unexpected benefits that I really want to talk about here. The obvious benefit is that you get extra help, get answers to questions you never think to ask, and have a chance to get more clarity, homework, and accountability.

The unexpected and truly amazing benefit is that you will make real friends in this industry that is built on Kyle’s open honesty and clarity. Being able to level up with other businesses in an industry that can feel so lonely at times is honestly one of my favorite and unexpected blessings. The community Kyle creates is priceless.

Inner Circle Facebook Group

Two things to take away from this insanely valuable asset. Speaking to the community that Kyle creates, the Inner Circle is another way to really build those relationships, give opinions, and grow as a community. It is amazing. When you are truly invested in the program, you will have a lot more than leveling up your brand and business, but you will also have incredible friendships of like-minded industry professionals.

The second incredible aspect of the inner circle is the fact that you have access to Kyle literally all week. Not just on the coaching calls. That is unheard of. What other program gives you direct access to an amazing educator? Why does he make himself available like that? Because he genuinely wants to help you. He wants your business to grow and he wants to give you actionable advice that moves you forward. To have direct access like that is one of the most valuable parts of this whole program.

*2023 Update* What do I love? What have I stuck with?

I will never forget the day I “met” Kyle. I was on Facebook in some random photography Facebook group. I had just redone my website hoping to get more clients and guess what? It wasn’t working. I was desperate. I posted asking how on earth other people get Facebook ads to work when Kyle posted his advice.

It was blunt, straightforward, and a breath of fresh air. I was so enamored with his straightforward honesty that I immediately purchased his 90-day mastermind course. It changed everything, y’all. And to this day, even though life has been busy and I haven’t looked at the course in well over a year, my business is still thriving because of it. Here are a few parts of the course that, even 2 years later, have seriously stuck with me.

First, Kyle Goldie’s Investment Showit Page

I know I mentioned this before, but this investment page is worth mentioning again! It is the first thing that my clients see after they reach out, and it alone has brought in SOO much business. It’s clear, easy to customize, and truly beautiful! Ditch the outdated PDF and buy this today! You’ll be so happy!

Client Communications

Oh my word. I cannot explain to you how immensely valuable all the amazing email templates are that are inside Kyle’s self-paced course that comes with the mastermind. To this day, I use every single one.

Industry Knowledge

From technical camera skills to backend business systems, Kyle’s mastermind course saved me from years of trying to figure it out on my own. Within the first 90 days, I went from booking $800 weddings (I know, shameful!) to $2,300 weddings. And now, only 2 years later, my clients are paying between $4,500 and $8,000 for their weddings. This is because I leveled up literally every aspect of my business, from client experience to technical skills. And much of that is thanks to the coaching program. I know so so much about SEO, blogging, and keywords. Truly, I feel like I am an industry expert (well, would you have even found this blog if I didn’t know what I was doing lol?)

Needless to say, I am super happy that I invested in my business and my life. And to be honest, I almost wanted to keep all of these amazing services to myself (I know community over competition- but I am just being real here!) I learned so much over my time and I truly want to see our industry thrive. I believe EVERY photography business would benefit from this Kyles Coaching.

You can click here to get access to the Kyle Goldie 90-Day Accelerator and start leveling up today! It will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your business!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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