Marblegate Farm Wedding Venue

A Q&A style interview of Knoxville’s top wedding venue, Marblegate Farm

If having a beautiful water view is high on your list for picking a wedding venue, then Marblegate Farm is going to sweep you off your feet!

Quick facts about this venue:

  • Located in Friendsville, TN. Only about 30 minutes from downtown Knoxville
  • One event per day, you have exclusive use of the property from 10 am-10 pm (Saturday Weddings)
  • Accommodates up to 200 guests

One quick note about Marblegate Farm’s event space…

Before we dive into the Q&A I want to stress something to my couples reading this. It is SO important when choosing an outdoor venue to equally like their “plan B” indoor space.

You can read more about my top tips for picking a venue here. The Hall at Marblegate Farm is stunning you guys, and this is coming from a wedding photographer that LOVES outdoor venues.

Let’s get into the Q&A!

Q: Tells us a bit about the owners.

A: We are a family-owned wedding venue! Bill and Donna Cobble purchased the farm in 1996 and retired to the property after selling their Staffing Business.  Twenty years later when we moved back to Knoxville and our family developed Marblegate Hall to be used as an event venue, and the business was born!

Q: Why did you become a wedding venue?

A:  For 20 years we enjoyed the property as a family, and now wanted others to come share in a place that God has allowed us to manage. We love the idea of families beginning here

Q: Where did the name “Marblegate” come from?

A:  Long ago, huge slabs of marble fell from a train derailment on the property. The rock was too heavy to pick up, so the train company simply left it there. When our family purchased the property in the 1990s, the marble slabs were moved to the entrance of the property to form the pillars of our gate, giving it the name “Marblegate Farm”.

Q: What are your favorite features about Marblegate Farm?

A:  My favorite feature has to be our 1.5 miles of beautiful, serene lakefront, which creates a 250-acre peninsula. So it is very secluded and private. 

Q: How would past couples describe their wedding day experience?

A:  Effortless, peaceful, and hopefully the day they’ve always dreamed of.

Q: What is the #1 thing you want couples to know?

A:  We want couples to know that they can create their own, uniquely tailored event; and our staff will be there to help bring that vision to life.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve overcome with owning a venue?

A:  I would have to say that changing the property from a private residence, that could host intimate events, to a property that could cater to hundreds of guests at a time was one of our biggest challenges to overcome.

Q: How far out in the planning process do you suggest couples book?

A:  We would recommend one year in advance.  While less time is possible, it usually requires more lead time to ensure that your desired date and vendors are available.

Q: What is your favorite season at Marblegate Farm?

A:  While we’ve designed the property to feature colors and plant life throughout the year, spring is particularly vibrant. 

Q: What is one fun/silly/quirky thing about you or Marblegate that not many people know?

A:  We are a certified bird & wildlife habitat.

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For a complete guide to your Knoxville Wedding Venues, check out this amazing article. You’ll have your venue nailed down today!

What can I offer you at Marblegate Farm?

Hiring a professional wedding photographer you absolutely love and click with is such an important step to make sure that you can capture all the amazing moments you will have at your wedding. These photographs will act as a ticket for traveling back in time and having a look at all the beautiful memories you created with your loved ones.

I have been working as a professional photographer for over 8 years. Throughout that time I realized that the intimate moments in between the poses were the ones most cherished. My wedding work has been seen in places like The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Carolinas Magazine, Embrace Beauty Magazine, and many other leading industry publications. I’m sincerely grateful for every single one of them, and for the others yet to come. But none of that matters without the experience, the fun, and the results that everyone feels when they look back through their photographs. If you think we’d make an amazing fit contact me today and let’s chat about your wedding!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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