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Overlook Barn Wedding Venue

If you are engaged (first, yay congrats!), I know that one of the first things on your mind is going to be where will we get married!? It is easy to understand the kind of wedding you are looking for in one simple way. You either want a wedding in the city or in the country.

City venues are grand, beautiful and can hold a lot of your guests, but more rural weddings hold my heart. They tend to be more peaceful, laid back, and easily enjoyed by you and your guests.

Since you are here, I am assuming you agree with my favorite kinds of venue! And I am so excited to say there’s a phenomenal wedding venue situated atop Beech Mountain. This venue is located just outside of Boone and is called Eldermann’s Overlook Barn.

True to its name, Overlook Barn is a real barn, with an elegant twist. If your Pinterest Wedding Board features high-ceiling venues, wood interiors, mason jars, cloth napkins, and fairy string lights, this could be the perfect place for you and yours to tie the knot.

Overlook Barn’s History

The property is fantastic and has a really sweet history. It’s owners, Katie and David, inherited the barn from Katie’s grandfather. It was essentially being used as a storage shed when Katie and David got engaged and began looking for potential wedding venues. However, they couldn;t seem to find a reasonably priced option that admired the mountainous scenery. So she asked her father if he could renovate the space for their wedding.

Eight months later, the 6,500+ square foot barn and surrounding acres of property were ready to host friends and family for Katie and David’s ceremony. Over the past five years, they’ve opened the barn doors to new couples every weekend and have happily hosted thousands of guests.

Lowe’s even reached out to Katie’s father to make a video describing Overlook Barn’s amazing renovation. Knowing a wedding venue’s history, especially when it’s as sweet and family-oriented as Overlook Barn’s, makes the space all the more special and the ceremony all the more meaningful.

Their Unique Mountainside Property

Let’s describe the property a bit more. Overlook Barn is breathtaking in of itself. With its 30-foot arched ceilings, exposed original wooden beams, tables for dining, and room for dancing, it makes for the perfect reception. However, this isn’t the venue’s only attraction.

Splayed out just beyond the barn is Mary’s Meadow. The grass has light yellow and pale green hues and overlooks 40-miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This makes the multi-acre meadow perfect for the wedding ceremony. With a custom built wooden stage and surrounding stones, couples love saying their vows on Mary’s Meadow, while loved ones admire the backdrop (and yes, sniffle).

For larger wedding parties, Mary’s Meadow is also the ideal place to set a tent. Or, for more earthy couples on weather permitting weekends, no tent–just the stars! Hosting a wedding in a meadow, as opposed to an indoor space, allows for a 500+ guest list.

I can’t talk about Overlook Barn without mentioning Cliffside Barn. The venue’s website describes Cliffside as the “small” barn, however, the word small hardly seems fitting for the wide 1,000 square foot interior! This is a great reception option for weddings with less than 200 guests. And, of course, like all other Overlook Barn weddings, hosting your big day at Cliffside Barn will mean enjoying a stunning view on a 750 square foot outdoor deck.

Amenities on your Big Day

Beyond the three (epic) abovementioned offerings on Overlook Barn’s property, there are eight more practical and fun reasons for choosing this venue:

  • Overlook Barn can accommodate 250 seated dinner guests and has a fully furnished catering prep area, built-in bar, and DJ loft
  • The twenty custom-built rustic wooden dining tables made to match Overlook Barn’s interior
  • Their inviting outdoor cocktail patio with a firepit and rock wall bench
  • A comfortable and private styling suite designed specifically for the bride and her wedding party to get dressed, beautified and prepped on-site
  • Likewise, there is a polishing room for the groom and his groomsmen to prepare for the event
  • An on-site (yet out of sight) parking lot for guests’ vehicles
  • Ample restrooms in both Overlook Barn and Cliffside Barn
  • For destination weddings, Overlook Barn provides multiple lodging options just down the road in the town of Beech Mountain

With all of these elements provided and already thought through, hosting a Overlook Barn wedding will be a simplified process with an undoubtedly beautiful result. You can almost think of Overlook Barn as a one-stop-shop.

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  • Longleaf Vineyards | 30 minutes north of Asheville, this venue is a classic vineyard with mountain views


Speaking of wedding photoshoots, check out my portfolio here. My name is Elly and I am a wedding photographer serving Knoxville to Asheville and everything in between. I feel truly honored when a couple picks me to capture the most important day in their life. Being invited to experience your love story is a privilege and I intend on making you proud of that choice. My photography style is very candid and raw so you can remember your wedding day exactly how it unfolded without having to go throw various posed captures.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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