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The Best Local Coffee Shops in Greenville SC

A charming downtown with pedestrian-friendly streets lined with local boutiques, Greenville SC is a welcoming place to grab a cup of coffee, sit outdoors and do some people-watching, or just relax and read a book from a local bookstore. Coffee shops in Greenville SC are bounding with amazing people and the atmosphere that make this city so amazing!

My favorite part of exploring Greenville is the people I meet standing in line, eyeing the same dress at a boutique or out wandering downtown’s Falls River Park. Striking up a conversation is easy, and you will probably come away with directions to the best roadside fruit stand for South Carolina peaches, or a recommendation for the perfect dinner spot overlooking the park.

Whether you want to strike up a friendly conversation, relax with an expert brew, or see and be seen at a trendy artisan coffeeshop, you will find it at coffee shops in Greenville SC. Here are some of my favorite places to go in my hometown, and what you can expect when you visit.

Best Local Coffee Shops In Greenville SC

  • Methodical Coffee
  • The Villiage Grind
  • Coffee Underground
  • Spill The Beans
  • Tandem Crêperie & Coffeehouse
  • Swamp Rabbit Cafe

Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee is a minimalist’s (and coffee lover’s) dream. It is always a sanctuary for me when I go downtown—a refuge from the afternoon heat and an aesthetically calming place to gather my thoughts in the mornings. The high-quality coffee is roasted in house and custom blended to be smooth and rich.

Methodical’s specialty lattes are not to be missed either. It really lets the coffee shine without overpowering it with added sugars and syrups. Espresso drinks and pastries are served on charming blue and white china, which makes your outing feel like a special treat.

The Village Grind

Just about as local as it gets, The Village Grind sources their beans from local roasters and pastries from local bakeries like Bake Room and Golden Brown & Delicious. Local artists, shop owners, and visitors mingle in a community space in the vibrant Greenville Arts District.

When I saw The Village Grind was featured in The New York Times, I just had to stop by to try a doughnut and take a latte to go to explore the Arts District. I’ve been a regular ever since. The doughnuts are on point, and the rest of the fresh pastries are equally delicious. The service is quick and the vibe is perfectly energizing for a day of window shopping or working alongside plenty of fellow freelancers.

Coffee Underground

If the address to your coffee shop is literally in downtown Greenville on Coffee Street, you know you’re going to the right place. Coffee Underground is a local favorite that somehow manages to be in the center of the hustle and bustle of downtown, yet still feel secluded. Underneath street level, the entrance to the shop is tucked away down a flight of stairs and opens into a well-lit coffeeshop with ample seating and even an outdoor patio area.

Coffee Underground is the place to bring your friends, order a specialty drink, and slide into a booth in the back to sit, sip and enjoy the laidback atmosphere. The drink options are extensive, and the desserts and bakery items are too good to resist. The cozy shop also features a small stand, where live performances take place in the evenings.

Spill the Beans

Any trip to Greenville is not complete without a trip to Falls Park, and a trip to Falls Park is not complete without a stop at Spill the Beans. With windows looking out onto the park, Spill the Beans is part classic coffeeshop, part hipster ice cream parlor. The spacious interior is always full of groups, couples and families, taking advantage of the opportunity to beat the summer heat and satisfy everyone’s need for a caffeine buzz or sweet treat!

Nothing says “enjoy your day off” quite like getting both an ice cream cone and a cup of coffee, and I like to do just that. With a red raspberry swirl in one hand and an iced coffee in the other, I can alternate sips of smooth, blended coffee and creamy, bright raspberry goodness! One I’ve worked my way down to just one hand holding my afternoon treat, I can explore Falls Park and the Reedy River to burn off my sugar high.

Tandem Crêperie & Coffeehouse

Tandem is known for its exquisite crepes, perfect for a light brunch or afternoon snack. But don’t underestimate the coffee at this popular breakfast spot. Using Counter Culture coffee (based out of Durham, NC), Tandem serves perfect pour-overs and French press brews. They also have an impressive selection of quality teas from Dobra Tea.

I can never say no to a good crêpe, and their pour over brew does not disappoint. The pour over comes served in a charming little carafe and mug, on its own chic serving board. Moments later my crêpe was ready, and I was in heaven.

Swamp Rabbit Café

It’s no secret I love to take my coffee and stroll along down city streets or out into nature, and the Swamp Rabbit Café was made for just that. Located right on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22-mile biking and walking trail that stretches from nearby Traveler’s Rest through downtown Greenville. Bikers meet here for a chance to fuel up before taking off down the trail and plenty of locals walk up from nearby residential areas connected to the trail.

They have a deli serving sandwiches with locally sourced meat and produce, and they also serve pastries made in-house. The Café is also a co-op, featuring local groceries and gourmet provisions perfect for a picnic or a home-cooked meal. I like to grab a chocolate chip scone and some high-quality drip coffee and sit out on their picnic benches to say hello to the dogs that come by with their caffeine-seeking owners.

There you have it! My list of go-to, local favorite coffee shops in Greenville SC. I encourage you to use this list as a jumping-off point to explore the amazing city of Greenville SC!

Elly M.

Until next time!

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