The Cummer Museum Engagement Session
Julia + Ryan

cummer museum wedding engagement photos

The Cummer Museum In Full Bloom

There are way too many things about Julia and Ryan’s engagement session that I am so in love with! The weather was beautiful, the Cummer Museum Garden was blooming, and above all Julia and Ryan read my what to wear guide! (Ok ha, that’s definitely not above all, but it was a perk!)

Getting A Bit Lost

I am the first to admit that I haaaate driving in the city. I’m just a nervous wreck. Julia and Ryan live super close to downtown. So, I decided to follow them from the Cummer Museum to Friendship Fountain. I followed Ryan through the city in what I thought was a shortcut, but we got there they were apologizing for getting turned around! It was the funniest thing because I had NO IDEA.

When you look through these photos, I know it is very obvious that Julia and Ryan are straight-up gorgeous. But, what I really want to showcase in these photographs is how joyful and crazy in love they are. It was such a joy laughing with them and getting to know them. Side note, Julia is my exact height and Ryan is Joey’s exact height. (Just look for yourself in the story I wrote here about how we met!) It was so fun talking about all the struggles of being married to a super tall guy (we love it anyway though!)

Cummer Museum Wedding and Engagement
The Cummer Art Museum Wedding And Engagement

Elly M.

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