Top 3 Bakeries In Greenville SC

Whether you are looking for a delicious gift or want to source locally baked goodness, I’ve got you covered! These are my favorite top 3 bakeries in Greenville, SC!

Why bother going to a bakery? Good question! The top 2 reasons I love shopping at these bakeries is supporting local and my family’s health. Not everyone can spend 8 hours at home baking healthy sourdough bread, or creating delicious whole foods desserts. When my family splurges on sweets and baked goods, I still want to avoid all the nasty chemicals that come from commercial factories. When I say supporting local, that means supporting Greenville. I want to build up other local companies, they are the heart of this beautiful city!

So without further ado, here are the Top 3 Bakeries in Greenville, SC

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Have you ever tried making your own artisan bread? It is certainly not for the light of heart! The amazing team at Great Harvest Bread Co are genuine old-world bakers. I first received a loaf of their glorious bread as a housewarming gift and I have been hooked ever since!


Oh good gracious. Don’t even click on the link if you don’t have self-control lol. Every kind of delicious baked good you could imagine. From tarts to kringles, cakes to cookies, breads to pies. Everything. And it is all. soo. good. Consider this your warning.

Bake Room

Another local favorite! Bake Room emphasizes using local ingredients and tried and true recipes. Located in Greenville SC, this is your go-to bakery from holiday favorites to everyday baked goods.

Creating memories while shopping local.

Okay, Elly! You’ve convinced me! I really want to shop locally, but going to a bakery isn’t really convenient! I hear you, friend. Convenience is super important to me, too! The way I see going to local shops like bakeries is making it a tradition. My kids and I love the sights and smells every time we go into shop. And, my hope is that these errands will become beautiful memories. As I always say, friends, a beautiful life is created in the small moments.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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