Dog Parks in Greenville SC

Top 3 Dog Parks In Greenville SC

Is it just me, or do dog parks seem to be kind of boring for humans? You just kind of stand their under a pavilion letting your dog run around until it’s too hot to bear it anymore. Fun for Fido, boring for people. Well, that is 100% not the case for these Top 3 Dog Parks in Greenville SC!

Greenville is naturally a super dog-friendly city, and its dog parks are world-class! Okay… I am not sure what justifys something as “world-class.” But my point is they are FUN. Check out the ones on this list and let me know what you think!

Top 3 Dog Parks in Greenville SC

  • The Unleashed Dog Bar
  • Pavillion Dog Parks
  • Falls Park On The Reedy

The Unleashed Dog Bar

If you are looking for a truly unique and fun experience for both you and your dog, The Unleashed Dog Bar in Greenville is going to blow your mind!

Great drinks, an extensive beer list, friendly staff, and lots of bug screen TVs make this an amazing go-to bar as is. Throw in the incredible mulched space for the pups to socialize while you do, and this place checks just about EVERY box on the list! The only downside according to fans of The Unleashed Dog Bar? They wished it served food (human food, that is!)

Pavillion Dog Parks

These dog parks are from Greenville County Parks and Rec and if you’re looking for a clean park with great sitting and always a good turnout, then Pavillion Dog Parks are definitely for you!

Falls Park On The Reedy

I know, I know! This isn’t a dog park. But Falls Park On The Reedy is such an amazing dog-friendly and convenient place to go, I had to mention it! Grab some lunch from one of Greenville’s downtown restaurants and hit the trails in one of the places that make Greenville such a beautiful city.

Elly M.

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