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Want an NC Arboretum Wedding?

So you are engaged? Congrats! How exciting! One of the biggest first steps in planning is WHERE in the world should we tie the knot? Where you have your wedding ceremony and reception will be something you remember forever.

You want to choose the most captivating venue and I got the right one for you! Using the NC Arboretum as your wedding venue is seriously one of the most beautiful venue spaces I have even seen. This place has so much to offer and can become a space to have your dream wedding effortlessly.

Located just 15 minutes from vibrant downtown Asheville, The North Carolina Arboretum Wedding venue is nestled in one of America’s most beautiful natural settings. In simpler words, This is a place made for weddings! These beautiful gardens give me alllll the feels as a wedding photographer. There is just so many amazing features.

Best of both worlds

Countryside weddings are known for being lovely and idyllic and full of warmth and comfort. Without a doubt, the one major benefit of a country wedding is the beauty of nature that will surround you on the big day. You get a perfect backdrop for your photos, you get plenty of parking space, and a chance to unwind before the big day.

The NC Arboretum is literally in Asheville, so you get all the amazing perks of a venue away from the city, with the convenience of being right there in the city of Asheville, NC. Thats a win-win in my books!

Let me talk in brief about why you will love the NC Arboretum: 

  • The landscaping is stunning! The first time I ever went to the North Carolina Arboretum I was in awe. I felt like I was inside Wonderland (without the creepy characters). You will be surrounded by cultivated gardens, bountiful flowerbeds, stone paths, and towering trees. Uhhh… when can I move in??
  • There are multiple indoor and outdoor facilities, allowing you to choreograph your day according to your vision. Options include the Heritage Garden, which features a lovely wooden gazebo and stone fireplace, and the Baker Exhibit Center, an airy, light-filled hall with an open-beam ceiling.
  • It’s an environmentally conscious choice. The North Carolina Arboretum’s Green Wedding Program provides green initiative guidelines to help couples design their event to minimize its impact and preserve the natural beauty of this North Carolina gem.
  • They got a package for an intimate ceremony:  If you got plans for a small intimate ceremony with your closed ones then you can go for the elopement package. 

Before even deciding the venue, it’s important to know who you should invite to your wedding (or at least have a good idea)

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is one of the most stressful parts of planning your big day, I get it. The list of friends and family adds up fast. The North Carolina Arboretum wedding can fit up to 200 people. One of the best things I personally love about this particular location is that you have an option to celebrate your big day in a full swing with many guests as you’d like or you can have a small intimate ceremony with your close beloved ones. It’s all about YOU and how you want to celebrate your big day!

Let’s do a quick run down of the NC Arboretum Wedding packages:


  • NC Arboretum Wedding Venue Coordinator on-site during the event to assist with facility logistics.
  • Assorted tables and natural wood folding chairs with padded seats for your comfort. 
  • Setup and breakdown of all Arboretum-owned tables, chairs, and rental equipment. 
  • Golf cart transportation between sites for bride, elderly, and handicapped guests.
  • Directional signage.
  • One-year NC Arboretum household membership.
  • Bridal room and complimentary parking for wedding party and guests.

Wedding cites at the NC Arboretum:

  1. Heritage Garden (Can fit up to 150 people.)
  2. Events Lawn (Can fit up to 150-200 people.)
  3. Outdoor Events Amphitheater (Can fit up to 200 people.)
  4. Entrance Plaza (Can fit up to 160-200 people)
  5. Blue Ridge Court (Can fit up to 150-200 people.)
  6. Blue Ridge Court (Can fit up to 200 people.)
  7. Exhibit Center (Can fit up to 130-150 people)
  8. Education Center Auditorium (Can fit up to 200 people.)

An easy, yet stunning Elopement

The elopement package includes everything from the wedding package such as a venue Coordinator on-site, bridal room, complimentary parking, etc. However, you only get the Heritage Garden as the site location. It’s a great option if you are a fan of gardens and you got 10 or fewer guests. Plus, it won’t break your bank!

Other amazing wedding venues near Asheville

Jeter Mountain Farms

The Biltmore

The Ridge

How can I serve you at your NC Arboretum Wedding?

Now you got a perfect venue for your special day. What’s left? Oh yes, a photographer! Coincidentally, I am here! My name is Elly and I am a wedding photographer serving insanely in love couples in Eastern TN and Western NC. Do you know that feeling when you look at a photograph and a warm feeling envelops you? I want you to experience that same feeling! Wedding Photography is all about sensing and capturing precious moments of the event for the future view of the bride and groom. Let me capture your smiling faces on that special day of yours. Let’s chat! Can’t wait to know you.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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