Is A First Look A Good Idea? (Spoiler: It’s The Best!)
Knoxville Wedding First Looks

So first, what is a First Look and why does my Knoxville wedding need one? A “first look” is the moment the couple gets to see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony begins.

Many of my couples ask me why I recommend the first look. Here are a few of my favorite reasons!

The moment you look your best.

Let’s be real for a minute. You’ve just finished with the hair and makeup artists. It’s before the ceremony, the photos, and the party.

Because you look absolutely stunning, this is your moment to shine bright – and what better moment for your groom to see you than this one, at your very best? He’ll never forget it. And, you’ll never forget it. First look photos capture the bride and groom together looking like perfection!

It’s Just You Two.

I can tell you from years of firsthand experience that the moment the groom sees the bride for the first time is once in a lifetime. Seriously, friends, It’s nothing short of pure magic. You’ve never seen this level of emotion and connection, it’s enough to get me tearing up every time. And let me tell you something else—I truly believe this moment is best shared privately, away from the pressure of tons of friends and family.

It’s the only time the bride and groom really get to share together, alone, for the entire day. So having the first look be private is more relaxing for bridge and groom, and makes for beautiful images!

It is also a Second To Breathe.

When the bride walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her. She’s in the spotlight, every movement being watched with anticipation by friends and family. It’s a spectacular and grand moment, but it’s also a public one.

Making the first look private allows the bride and groom to be natural together, to relax, to express their feelings for each other without worrying about anyone else around. Because of a first look, I’ve also observed that couples are far more relaxed during the ceremony. This is HUGE, friends!

Incredible Emotion, Captured.

And finally, my favorite outcome of a First Look is the moments captured! The photographs of the couple together for the first time on their wedding day are full of authentic emotion. These images capture such intense excitement and love between the couple. Why? Because it’s amazing. And for many of my clients, these very special photos end up becoming the most treasured shots of the entire wedding.

I’ve had numerous couples say that their most beloved favorite images are from the first look. So I just can’t recommend it enough—schedule a first look in your wedding timeline!

So how can I make the most out of our first look? Good question! The number one thing I would suggest is to plan ahead for it. Make sure it is part of your wedding timeline and that you have a plan (and a backup plan) for where you want your first look to be. Other ways to make it extra special include playing music and having the groom hold the bouquet and reveal it to you for the first time.

Elly M.

Until next time!

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